Durable Universal Cardan GUT-13 OEM 04371-20010 U- joint

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Grease Seal
Keep grease in and contaminants out, and get maximum retention in a broader range of environments. The multi-lip seal on the U-joint includes a garter spring, seal guard, and a needle spacer for optimal.
Bearing Case
Heat-treated for strength,precision-ground, and case-hardened for durability.
They are forged with high-quality steel, precision heat treating, and case hardening to particular levels, ensuring optimal and consistent strength and durability.

Part No. GUT-13 OEM 04371-20010/04371-22010
Features Material: 20Cr.
Accessories Snap Rings: 4pcs.
Grease Nipples:1pcs
Packing Details Plastic Bags
White or Color Individual Boxes
Carton Boxes
MOQ 500pcs
Warranty 12 Months


S/NO.           OE NUMBER PART NO. 1 PART NO. 2            CAR MODEL
1 04371-30011/04371-25010 GUT-12 TT-112 FOR TOYOTA
2 04371-20010/04371-22010 GUT-13 TT-113 FOR TOYOTA
3 04371-30020/04371-60100 GUT-17 TT-117 FOR TOYOTA
4 04371-36021 GUT-20 TT-120 FOR TOYOTA
5 04371-35020 GUT-21 TT121 FOR TOYOTA
6 04371-35030 GUT-23 TT-123 FOR TOYOTA
7 04371-04010/04375-0K010 GUT-25 TT125 FOR TOYOTA
8 04371-04030/371253X00A GUT-29 TT-129 FOR TOYOTA
9 31725-14627/37125-49W26 GUN-27 TN-127 FOR NISSAN
10 39625-21025/39625-21000 GUN-29 TN-129 FOR NISSAN
11 37125-01J25 GUN-35 TN-135 FOR NISSAN
12 37125-01G25/37126-01G26 GUN-46 TN-146 FOR NISSAN
13 37125-7F025 GUN-48 TN-148 FOR NISSAN
14 0164-25-060/0W001-25-060A GUMZ-3 TMZ-103 TM3293 FOR MAZDA
15 0706-89-251/0604-89-251A GUMZ-6 TMZ-106 TM2880 FOR MAZDA
16 0259-25-060/8BB1-25-060 GUMZ-7 TMZ-107 TM2564B FOR MAZDA
17 1757-89-251 GUMZ-9 TMZ-109 FOR MAZDA
18 P001-25-060/P003-25-060A GUMZ-12 TMZ-112 FOR MAZDA
19 GPW18397/41311-01000 GUM73 TM-173 FOR MITSUBISHI


20 MB-000154 GUM75 TM-175 FOR MITSUBISHI
21 MB-000345
22 MB000697/MR196838 GUM-92 TM-192 FOR MITSUBISHI
23 MC834855/MB000266/MB000267/MB293417
24 MR165561 GUM-99 TM-199 FOR MITSUBISHI
25 9-37300-065/9-37300-109-0 GUIS52 TIS-152 FOR ISUZU
26 8-97947-582-0 TIS-152M-1 FOR ISUZU
27 9-37300-031/8-97029-527-0 GUIS61 TIS-161 FOR ISUZU
28 1-37300-0130 GUIS62 TIS-162 FOR ISUZU
29 5-37300-032-0/8-97080505-0 GUIS66 TIS-166 FOR ISUZU

What is it?

A u-joint, or universal joint, is a component that connects the driveshaft to the differential, and sometimes connects the driveshaft to the transmission or two driveshafts to each other. It’s a cross shaped piece with a bearing at each end, that allows for lateral and side to side movement of the driveshaft.

What does it do?

A u-joint allows for slight positions changed between the driveshaft, transmission, and differential. In other words; the driveshaft connects the transmission to the differential, but it can’t be a static, solid connection. Since the differential moves independently from the rest of the vehicle over terrain, the transmission and differential don’t stay perfectly aligned with one another at all times. The u-joint compensates for motion, keeping the driveshaft connected and spinning freely.