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Plum blossom coupling device installation and industry application

Plum blossom coupling device installation and industry application

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Plum couplingIt is a flexible coupling that has undergone the elastic deformation of the metal material components to compensate for the relative deviation of the two axes, shock absorption, and buffer functions, and can form a different structure and function.Plum couplingThe shaft diameter piercing equipment is selected. If the axial equipment is required, the wafer check valve can be made to transmit the driving force through the kneading between the claw and the ductile ring, and the elastic deformation of the ductile ring can offset the relativity of the two shafts. Off-position, shock-absorbing buffer.There are many types of plum blossom couplings, such as key groove type, clamping type, extended type, and wafer check valve to choose from.

Before installing the plum blossom coupling, first check whether the transmission device and the working machine are in the same boat, whether there are packing bags and knocks on the surface of the two shafts. In order to facilitate the installation, the plum blossom coupling is to be installed in 2 half. The shaft device is placed in the 120-150 insulation box or oil tank for heating, which makes the internal thread size larger and easy to install.After installation, make sure that the axle shaft cannot protrude from the inner hole of the half coupling, and it is better to be flush.Check the distance between the two sections of the coupling, and take the average of the readings of 3-4 points measured along the two inner sides of the flange of the half coupling, and the sum of the extended section and the evaluation specifications of the 2 pulse damper groups. The error control is within the range of 0-0.4mm.

The plum blossom coupling is to use the inner diameter dial indicator to check the inner hole and outer cylindricity of the flange of the two-section coupling. When the inner hole of the flange is less than 250mm, the vibration value should not exceed 0.05mm; when the flange is When the inner hole exceeds 250mm, the vibration value should not exceed 0.08.Insert the anchor bolts from both sides of the small round hole in the flange piece, put on the buffer sleeve, ductile sealing ring, twist the nut, and tighten the nut with a wrench. .If the installation is uncomfortable or disassembly and replacement, without damaging the shaft and half coupling, it is better to rotate easily after installation.Polyurethane elastomers are generally made of rubber products or vulcanized rubber.The service life of the coupling is also the service life of the ductility.Because malleability is force and it goes without saying that it is stretched.

Because the ductility has the function of buffering and shock absorption, it is more used in places with obvious vibration.The highest value of the characteristic temperature of the polyurethane elastomer determines the application temperature of the coupling, which is generally -35 to +80 degrees.There are two key types of plum couplings, one is the traditional straight claw type, and the other is the beveled (concave) claw-shaped zero gap coupling.The traditional straight-jaw plum blossom coupling is not suitable for use in high-precision servo motor transmission systems.The zero-gap claw-shaped plum blossom coupling is basically evolved from the straight claw type, but the difference is that its design can be suitable for the use of servo control systems. It is commonly used to connect AC servo motors, servo motors and ball screws. .

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